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Spice Cake 16 oz candle

Spice Cake 16 oz candle

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Spice Cake by Karlee Gail Bowman is a cozy scent of spiced vanilla cake, intertwined with a warm, sweet medley of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger, and hazelnut. 

“This cozy candle takes me back to baking in my parent's kitchen. It's spicy with a dark molasses and hazelnut creme, with a splash of my homemade vanilla. It has a spice that fills the air. If I close my eyes while I smell it, I'm home.” 

With up to 80 hours of burn time in our 16 oz candle, this spiced and bakey fragrance features a moderate strength that perfectly captures the nostalgic aroma of warm, spice cake baking in the oven.

Our candles are made in Lafayette, Indiana with natural soy wax from domestically grown soy beans for a clean, long-lasting, and even burn. We use premium fragrance oils (hand-picked by thousands of candle testers across the U.S.!) and 100% lead-free cotton wicks. All candles are paraffin free, dye free, and cruelty free. This hand-picked fragrance is also phthalate and paraben free.

WEIGHT: 12.7 oz (359.2 g)

DIMENSIONS: 5” x 3” x 3”

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